-1“Simona D has a classy smooth style, combined with great vocal range, and writes simple but universal lyrics, a wonderful combination!”
-Pete Carma, Streetcred Music Critique
With a clean and warm unique sound, Simona D embraces the listeners and takes them into a refreshing and classy atmosphere.
Her musical gifts emerged at a very early age. Born in Wisconsin and raised in the United States, Italy, France and England in a multicultural family (Italian mother and Polish father), Simona D has been creating music ever since she started taking piano lessons at the age of eight.
She wrote her first song at the age of 14 on a Spring rainy day.
“I didn’t have the piano at the house and had this melody stuck in my head and didn’t want to forget it. The only instrument I had available was this old guitar my uncle gave me. I didn’t know anything about guitar but I started playing the melody and remembered how I placed my fingers on the strings. As soon as I had the chance I transferred everything on the piano and there it was: my very first song!”
After many years spent at the conservatory and achieving several awards as a cellist (Royal Tunbridge Wells Competitive Arts Festival, Associated Board of the Royal School of Music), she started to work as a vocalist for different projects in Italy focusing on her passion for gospel, soul and r’n’b and also attending numerous music conferences where she had the chance to sing with Michael and Regina Winans, Terron Brooks and Cheryl Porter among others.
Once back to the States she was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where she deepened her knowledge of contemporary music unraveling versatility with any genre of music.
Simona D has shared the stage with musicians such as Philip Bailey, Steve Winwood, Rosa Passos, Howard Shore and Brad Hatfield.
Influenced by the great artists of gospel and pop/r’n’b and the music of the 90s (Babyface, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aliyah, Brandy, Alicia Keys and Ashanti), Simona D has developed a style that blends her classical background with her love for these musical genres.
Her distinctive song-writing comes to her naturally. “I love writing as much as singing and working in the studio is always thrilling for me. Music is in me. There would be no me without it.”

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  1. Have pased listening her songs . I am amased with colour of her vocal . Shall try to ofer to her several my Italian English ballads. Hope will be hits all over the World .. Angelo

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